Software & Hardware Procurement

Software & Hardware Procurement

Achieve more in less time and simplify your supply chain — particularly the long tail of vendors. Our IT procurement services integrate with your existing processes. We’ll enhance your capabilities with on-demand access to data analysis, expert advice and recommendations.
  • Simplified supply chain
  • Reduced internal resource burden
  • Lower costs
  • Increased speed of delivery

Hardware Procurement

Simplify the process of IT hardware procurement with Coherent. We understand that sourcing new equipment and software can be a time-consuming and arduous process, especially when you need to be sure your new assets meet your business needs and budget.

End-to-End Solutions

At Coherent, we understand that sometimes you don’t have in-house experts to set up your new infrastructure. That’s why we also offer a full end-to-end service, covering everything from consultation, budget and purchasing through to the installation of your new equipment and software.

Meeting Your Needs

Our team always take the time to discuss and assess your currently business model, as well as your future plans for growth, enabling us to recommend the best possible hardware for your business.

Effective governance across your purchasing lifecycle

We help build, customize and manage your approved catalog and quotations to help your organization easily find and obtain genuine products and services.We can integrate your existing Quotations, LPO'S, catalogs, agreements and platforms to support a centralized or distributed purchasing structure.

Optimizing your supply chain takes Insight.

  • Achieve seamless requisitions.
    Reduce the time it takes to handle new requests. From quote to approval, we’ll adopt your internal standards and manage the requisition process for users and project teams. Our experts regularly assess your existing portfolio to help you avoid or eliminate the volume of new license spend.
  • Software fulfillment
    Streamline your procurement and deployment processes with our project management, delivery, documentation registration and post-purchase support. You’ll be able to send requests and monitor progress through our online tool at any stage to ensure successful integrations.
  • Demand management
    Avoid unnecessary license purchases and maximize your current investments. We’ll vet each software request and renewal alongside existing capabilities to find purchase alternatives and improve future software strategy requirements.